• DoCare Wash Gloves Disposable Antibacterial Wet Bag

  • Made from non-chemical ingredients that is convenient for bathing or body cleaning. No rinsing are required after usage. DoCare wash gloves can be used warm and cold. Suitable for use at hospitals and any other occasions.

  • DoCare Dry Absorbent Gloves
    Disposable and non woven,dry and absorbent.They contain inner layer to prevent penetrablility.Convenient for hospital use to absorb blood during post operation.
  • DoCare Dry CleanerGloves
    Suitable for washing and cleaning medical equipments, appliances, etc. They also can be used to absorb liquid (Ex. blood spill).
  • DoCare Wound Dressing Adhesive Tape Roll
  • Used for dressing fixation such as:fixing the oily gauze,wet dressing, medicinal dressing, Chinese medicine preparation,plaster, or electrode and magnet which need to be cling the skin etc.

  • DoCare Wound Dressing Cannula Fixation
  • Used mainly for I.V cannula fixation. Each piece is packed separately, sterilized and single used. It’s soft, ventilate and won’t stick to the injuries.

  • DoCare Wound Dressing waterproof and transparent dressing with absorbent pad
  • Used mainly to protect surgical wounds.

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